One of the most fantastic things about wargames and miniature games is that they do not end when you finish a game, and you can still enjoy and collect the best miniatures on the market. The hobby is our word for all those activities that occur around the game - such as painting (painting miniatures is one of the best practices within the hobby), conversions, personalization of miniatures, the terrain (assembly or creation), or simply collecting.


A fundamental part of the hobby is the painting of your miniatures. At Corvus Belli, we want to encourage the artist in you, and encourage you to take out your brushes and tell your story through our games.
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Raise your gaming table to another level with the best terrain for the Corvus Belli miniature games. You can choose the most basic elements, or you can opt to purchase third-party designs from our official Partners.
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Who does not like to have their own personalized dice to play their favorite Corvus Belli game? Find custom d20 dice for Infinity or extra dice for Aristeia!
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Find all the accessories (templates, bookmarks, tokens, etc.) that will make the game experience more interesting.
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Do you want to buy a miniature just to be able to show off your painting skills? Do you want something different? Discover our line of Bootleg miniatures, or our Aristeia! skins - metal miniatures ideal for painting.
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