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A vital bundle for players of the wargame Infinity, only available during Gen Con pre-order. The best option to have all the latest news from Corvus Belli.

Purchase the Operation: Wildfire Battle Pack (includes the exclusive miniature of Hippolyta, fully compatible with Aristeia!), the Advance Pack (O-12 Team Sirius + Shasvastii Cadmus Hacker) and get an exclusive miniature of Valkyrie Elite Bodyguard for free.

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A new expansion for our board game Aristeia!: Reckless Hearts, with two completely new Characters. Axl Steel and Hippolyta, two born fighters, unrelenting and able to impose States without the need for a Roll.

Also, only during Gen Con pre-order, with the purchase of Reckless Hearts get the Tactic card “No!” with an exclusive artwork.


The Gen Con pre-order period is from July 16th, 2019 at 1:00 PM, UTC +2 (Spanish time) and will end on August 5th, 2019 at 11:59 PM, UTC +2 (Spanish time).

Orders that exceed € 150 will have free shipping costs.

All purchases that include a Reckless Hearts of Aristeia! during the pre-order the exclusive card ¡NO! will be taken for free! Limited to 1 card per expansion (Reckless Hearts) purchased. Not limited for number of expansion (Reckless Hearts) purchased.

Purchases that include pre-order products will be shipped in early August 2019, excepting those including Aristeia! pre-order products or Competition Pack ITS 11, which will be shipped in late August 2019.

*Applied to one expansion at lowest regular price. Conditions may apply.