SCOT Shock Marksman Rifle
KOSMOSOLDAT AP Heavy Machine Gun
TOMCAT Engineer Light Shotgun, MULTI Rifle
WILDCAT Spitfire

Beyond Operation Crimson Stone

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Beyond Crimson Stone

El complemento perfecto para el Operation Crimson Stone. En el borde exterior del anillo Brisingamen, Kosmoflot de Ariadna y el Mando Jurisdiccional de Corregidor de Nómadas combaten para hacerse con el control y la explotación de un asteroide.

Esta caja incluye seis miniaturas: Para el ejército Nómada: Un Tomcat Ingeniero con Fusil MULTI y Escopeta Ligera, un Wildcat con Spitfire y un Vostok con Mk12. Para el ejército de Ariadna: Un Kosmosoldat con Ametralladora AP, un Scot Guard con Fusil de Precisión y William Wallace, el héroe de Ariadna.

El Vostok incluido en esta caja es una miniatura de plástico de la nueva gama de plástico de Corvus Belli.

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What do you get when you buy Beyond Operation Crimson Stone?

A box containing:
  • 1x TOMCAT Engineer (Light Shotgun, MULTI Rifle)
  • 1x WILDCAT (Spitfire)
  • 1x VOSTOK (Mk12)
  • 1x KOSMOSOLDAT (AP Heavy Machine Gun)
  • 1x SCOT (Shock Marksman Rifle)
  • 1x WALLACE
  • Some of the miniatures in this product are made of thermoplastic. See description for more information.
  • The metal used is lead free, complying with Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH).
More Information
  • This product is not a toy.  Not intended for use of persons 14 years of age or younger.
  • The miniatures included in our products are supplied without paint and non-assembled.
  • Actual components may vary from those shown.
  • Product created by Corvus Belli