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Invincibles Bundle

Welcome to the exciting world of Yu Jing, Invincibles!

Now in our official Infinity store, we have an exclusive offer for you: our spectacular Invincible bundle with a 25% discount! This is the perfect time to boost your army and dominate the battlefield.

29 impressive miniatures with a 25% discount only during JU Ying week.

The Invinicible Army Starter Pack included in the bundle gives you an impressive selection of miniatures:

3 ZÚYǑNG with different weapons for lethal versatility. A DĀOYĪNG Minelayer with a MULTI Sniper Rifle that allows you to eliminate targets from a distance. A LIÚ XĪNG Hacker for cybernetic control of the battlefield. A HǍIDÀO for battle with its Combi Rifle.

But that's not all, for completeness you will also get:

  • A set of four Zhanshi, with snipers, heavy machine guns, missile launchers and hackers to adapt to any situation.
  • The mighty Gūijiă Squadron (TAG) with a MULTI Heavy Machine Gun.
  • Fearsome Húláng Shocktroopers, backed up by two CrazyKoalas.
  • The legendary Léi Gōng, Lord of Thunder. Star of Aristeia! and symbol of the Invincible Army, Léi Gōng is an icon of the StateEmpire that is a must have for your army. The deadly Shang Ji Invincibles consist of four devastating assets.
  • A fearless Zhēnchá Hacker, Yu Jing's quintessential Heavy Infantry troops. With a Hacking device that will allow you to defend yourself from enemy attacks.
  • The bundle includes another Zhēnchá, this time with a Submachine Gun, which will strengthen your tactical capabilities on the battlefield.
  • A deadly Húláng who fight like the warriors of yesteryear, terrorizing the enemy at the point of the sword in imposing hand-to-hand fights. The imposing Tai Sheng with his Breaker Combi Rifle. Krit Kokram represents an ideal Engineer profile to align with the Invincible Army.
  • A formidable Hǎidào with a MULTI Sniper Rifle.
  • A Dāoyīng Hacker with a Boarding Shotgun. Which will undoubtedly be an unpleasant surprise for the enemy either due to his tricks as a Hacker or at the end of a point-blank shot from his Boarding Shotgun taking advantage of his camouflage.
  • The devastating Yān Huǒ Invincible with his Hyper-Rapid Magnetic Cannon.
  • And finally, the versatile Zúyong Invincibles with Heavy Machine Guns.

This bundle is a unique opportunity to expand your army and deploy an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Don't let this incredible exclusive discount for Yu Jing week slip away! Join the Invincibles today!

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