Ramah Bundle


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Ramah Bundle

Contained in Haqqislam's Last Chance Ramah Bundle you will find a coalition of brave soldiers committed to safeguarding the nation.

Found in this bundle are:

Arik Mansuri, Amir of the Khawarijs (DA CCW)

A born leader and masterful strategist, Arik Mansuri, embodies the essence of the Khawarijs. Endowed with a DA CCW, Arik epitomizes skill and resolve. His ability to lead from the front inspires his comrades to march into hell for a heavenly cause. And still, Tarik Mansuri stands as the sword of Haqquislam, defending his own with unwavering courage.

Namurr Active Response Unit (Spitfire) The Namurr emerged during what would be known as the Human Edge’s Apothecary Conflict. This crisis was the Namurr’s baptism by fire that gave them a grand entrance into the Human Sphere’s secret legends.

Mukhtar, Active Response Unit (Boarding Shotgun)

At the heart of the Mukthtar are the Active Response Units, experts in short and long-range combat. Armed with a Boarding Shotgun, their high mobility and advanced deployment will enable your Haqqislam force to maneuver swiftly,  taking over prime positions on the game table.

This unit forms the backbone of the Ramah combat strategy. Their agility and tactical skills are crucial to Haqqislam, where they face threats from multiple fronts, keeping opponents at bay and allowing your team to advance.

Nahab Aeromobile Team

In a strategic twist, the Nahab Airborne Team tales to the skies above the battlefield, asserting their dominance from the air. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and the relentless Spitfire, these guardians ensure that no threat escapes their attention.

They don't call them “Nahab,” marauders and predators, by chance. This a specific, hard-earned name, as they  always show up when and where they are least expected.

The addition of these super-soldiers to your Haqqislam force will give you the ability to control the table because you can choose to deploy them with both Infiltration and Aerial Infiltration.

The Ramah Bundle of Haqqislam last chance deal is happening now. As a good strategist, you know that you have to act with alacrity and conviction to not let fantastic opportunities like this slip through your fingers, as every passing moment is one you’ll never reclaim. The harsh reality is that, now, there's one minute less to get your hands on this incredible bundle... so what are you waiting for?

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