We knew the modus operandi of the Combined Army.

And our blindness caused us to lose everything.

Infinity Endsong Bundle


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Infinity Endsong Bundle

Don't miss this unique chance to purchase the "Infinity: Endsong" bundle!

Jum in the exciting expansion of the Infinity universe with this exclusive bundle that includes:

  • The Infinity: Endsong book with a miniature that you can only get during the pre-order of the event, the EXOs, Exrah Executive Officers Pre-order Exclusive Edition.
  • The Caskuda vs Maximus Pre-order Exclusive Pack includes two spectacular soldiers that you can put on the gaming table in exciting battles. This box will only be available during the Endsong pre-order. Includes 2 exclusive decorative bases.
  • Moreover, as an additional gift, we offer you the exclusive miniature of the event, the "Illuminatrix of the Observance Event Exclusive Edition", which will be free when you buy this bundle, along with the EXOs, Exrah Executive Officers Pre-order Exclusive Edition included in the book, makes you get two exclusive and free miniatures when you buy the bundle: Infinity: Endsong

Get ready for the epic experience that Endsong brings you!

It will immerse you in the fascinating story of the Infinity game and give you a deeper insight into the terrible events that the Combined Army unleashes on the Human Sphere.

Learn all about what Infinity's faction reinforcements you can bring to the table!

Reinforcements bring new features to the game that you'll want to know about, and the chance to join the ranks of formidable troops representing each of the factions.

Reinforcements take the game to a new level of tactics, strategy, and battle mastery!

Brings three intense scenarios, which explore the consequences of the dramatic events taking place in the Human Sphere.

Note: This Infinity: Endsong bundle is only available until August 7th, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity before it's too late.

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