How to claim a missing part?

How to claim a missing part?

If you receive a blister or box with missing or faulty model parts (mispack), follow these steps

You will need:

  • Product code reference
  • Product name
  • Quality Control Code (white tags for blisters and boxes. Blue tags forparts supplied in resealable bags)
  • Digital Camera

Claim your parts

Total Time: About10 minutes

  1. Take pictures

    Take pictures of the packaging and the code (this information is key to processing the complaint in our system)

  2. Send us an email

    Email us at including all of the following information:

    • Product reference and name,
    • Quality control code,
    • Problem description,
    • Complete personal data (name, address, country and e-mail) and
    • Attach the pictures you've take in step 1
  3. Wait for confirmation

    We will send you an email to confirm your claim