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From April 3 to June 6, 2023

Welcome to the world of Warcrow Adventures!

If you are a lover of fantasy and cooperative board games, you can't miss the chance to play Warcrow Adventures with your friends before anyone else!

This exciting Dungeon Crawler with pre-assembled miniatures created by Corvus Belli will transport you to a world of fantasy, mystery, and magic. In it, you must lead a brave band through the mysterious fog that threatens to destroy everything in its path.

Each hero in Warcrow Adventures is unique, with different abilities and values that reflect the diversity that inhabits Lindwurm, the world in which the adventure takes place.

If you're looking for a cooperative gaming experience that challenges you and makes you experience unforgettable adventures, look no further, you've come to the right place!


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How do I get Warcrow Adventures?

If you are already a backer you will be able to finish the purchase process in the Pledge Manager on Gamefound , and if you couldn’t contribute on Kickstarter and want to do it now, you can still get Warcrow Adventures with the Pledge Manager.

If you are coming from Kickstarter you only need to log in; if you are a newcomer to Pledge Manager you will need to create a new account and choose the option that suits you best.

The products you will be able to find on Gamefound are the same as on Kickstarter, keeping the exclusive perks!

Warcrow Adventures Content - Core Box

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What is Warcrow Adventures like?

Warcrow Adventures offers you a completely new mechanic.

Its gameplay invites you to face narrative challenges in which you will have full control of your character. Your decisions will have a significant impact on the development of the game. You will experience a unique and personalized story.

With Warcrow Adventures there is no time to get bored, as each game is completely different from the previous one. The development of the game changes constantly according to your decisions.

Do you want an unpredictable game?

In Warcrow Adventures, the behavior of enemies varies during confrontations. This leads to you having to change your strategy in the middle of the action.

Can you meet the challenge of Warcrow Adventures?

Join the adventure right now!

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Warcrow Adventures core pledge

The Warcrow Adventures Core Box includes 11 unique narrative missions of which you must play 10 to finish the campaign as one of them will vary depending on the choices made by the party over the course of the games.

Each narrative mission has its own story and specific objectives that players must accomplish to successfully complete it.

Core Pledge contents

35 pre-assembled miniatures of which 5 are heroes and 29 are enemies.

  • 10x misiones narrativas
  • 18x Losetas doble cara
  • +200x Cartas
  • +180x Marcadores
  • 18x Dados
  • 24x Cubos de energía
  • 1x Tracker de iniciativa
  • 1x Libro de reglas

5 pre-assembled heroes:

  • Darach (elf - Sÿenann)
  • Zsoka (dwarf - Mounthaven)
  • Ludivine (human - Feudom)
  • Nayra (elf - The Hegemony of Embersig)
  • Ormuk (ork - The Northern Tribes)

Héroes de Warcrow Adventures


29 enemy miniatures included in the Warcrow Adventures Core Box.

  • 6 Husk
  • 4 Marked
  • 1 Feadhalu
  • 1 Sculptor Progenitor
  • 1 Weaver Progenitor
  • 2 Echoes
  • 1 Kipleacht
  • 1 Mornmab
  • 1 Puppeteer
  • 1 Namaoin
  • 1 Aodharu
  • 6 Intact
  • 2 Anointed

Enemigos de Warcrow Adventures

This option includes stretch goals unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign!

Get your Warcrow Adventures Core box now at the same conditions as in the Kickstarter!

The products in the Gamefound pledge manager are the same as in the Kickstarter, while maintaining the exclusive offers!

The characters, both heroes and enemies, will be playable in the Warcrow wargame.

Price: 120 € + shipping costs


Buy Warcrow Adventures

Platinum Pledge by Warcrow Adventures

Are you an insatiable gamer who wants more? Then the Platinum Pledge is for you. This pledge includes all the content of the Core Pledge plus the Warcrow Adventures expansion: "Deathclaws of the Dream ".

Deathclaws of the Dream - Warcrow Adventures Expansion

The expansion adds new pet rules that further expand the gameplay possibilities.

Warcrow Adventures Expansion Contents

  • 15 x Pre-assembled miniatures:
    • 2 heroes
    • 13 enemies
  • 5 x New narrative quests
  • +40 x Cards
  • +40 x Markers

With 9 new double-sided tiles including two new environments: Volcano and Jungle, and over 40 new cards and markers, the Deathclaws of the Dream expansion is a must-have for any Warcrow Adventures fan.

2 new heroes

  • Iriavík "Impatient Puppy".
  • Trabor Slepmund

7 new enemies

  • Gobblers (x3)
  • Bugbowls (x3)
  • Flamecobs (x2)
  • Stompers (x2)
  • Crucible (x1)
  • Overseer (x1)
  • Nuada (x1)

Warcrow Adventures Expansion Contents

Don't wait any longer to join the battle against the Red Caps and discover the mysteries hidden on the island!

Price:180 € + shipping and handling

The characters, both heroes and enemies, will be playable in the Warcrow Wargame.

Buy Warcrow Adventures

Do you want to live the most complete experience of this exciting board game?

If you are one of those who won't settle for less, with this offer you get it all.

Live the experience of this exciting board game in the best way possible.

The All-in Pledge is the ultimate option for those who want to enjoy dungeon crawling to the fullest.

With this Pledge you won't leave anything behind, as it includes everything you need to play the way you like, with all the game items.

  • Core Box
  • Deathclaws of the Dream Expansion Pack
  • Scenery Pack
  • Enemy Boxes
    • They came from the Fog
    • The Underground Rascals
  • Game mat
  • Dice
  • Dice tray
  • Card sleeves
  • and... All applicable stretch goals are included!

Don't settle for less and become a true Warcrow Adventures player!

Don't miss the chance to live an exciting and unforgettable gaming experience with the "all-in" Pledge!

Both hero and enemy characters will be playable in the Warcrow Wargame!

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