The background of our wargames and miniatures games are fundamental, we take great care of the setting and the scenarios where the action happens, so that the experience for our fans is as complete as possible. With this in mind, we develop and tell stories for the enjoyment of our fans, and to keep them involved in all matters concerning the Human Sphere. In addition, we make our rules available to all of our players.


Discover the rules of our games. All the rules books include exclusive background to know and go deeper into our universe.
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Expansion books

Discover the expansion books of the games produced by Corvus Belli. Unpublished material and new background to fully enter our universe.

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Graphic novels

Continue to discover the background and stories that surround the Infinity universe through graphic novels and manga. New adventures and new characters that represent different parts of the Human Sphere.
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Discover the Corvus Belli universe from another perspective. Learn about the art behind the miniatures, or how we paint Infinity models.
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